There’s a total of 2,300 Instant Win Prizes and 30 Major Draw Prizes to be won. Full prize details can be found here.

Check your junk mail folder. Alternatively you can send us your entry details on the Contact page.

Ensure you check the characters carefully. Sometimes 0’s and O’s can look alike.

Entrants may enter multiple times provided each entry is submitted separately. The same unique code cannot be used more than once.

Ensure you made a valid purchase as displayed by the outlet.

Purchase any two (2) of the following Coca-Cola, Mount Franklin or Barista Bros products in one (1) transaction from a Participating Store, while entry flyers last:

  1. Pump Water (750ml);
  2. Mount Franklin Water (600ml);
  3. Pump Flavoured Water (750ml);
  4. Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling (250ml & 450ml);
  5. Any Coca-Cola variety product (1L, 600ml, 385ml & 250ml); or
  6. Barista Bros Iced Coffee (500ml);